Scrambled Exif

Remove the metadata from your pictures before sharing themGPL-3.0-only

Exif Thumbnail Adder

Add thumbnail in the EXIF tag of JPEG picture not having one (batch processing)GPL-3.0-or-later

Camera Roll

Fast and intuitive Gallery replacement with cropping, EXIF editor, file managerApache-2.0


removes exif data and modifies images to reduce size before sharing.GPL-3.0-or-later

A Photo Manager

Manage local photos: Find/Copy/Edit-Exif and show in Gallery or Map.GPL-3.0-only

DSC Auto Rename

Rename picutres based on dateGPL-3.0-or-later


This is a client app for the self-hostable Immich ServerMIT

LLCrop (loss less)

Loss Less Cropping and Rotation: Remove unwanted parts of jpg photo without qualGPL-3.0-or-later


Automatically geotag photosGPL-3.0-or-later

Les Pas - Photo Album for Nextcloud

A photo album that saves all your precious memory in your private cloudApache-2.0

Setter - A multi-purpose search app for Android

A meta-search, reverse image search and translator tool packed in one package.Apache-2.0

Send Reduced

Reduce image sizeApache-2.0

Simple Gallery Pro - Photo Manager & Editor

A premium app for managing and editing your photos, videos, GIFs without adsGPL-3.0-only

Simple File Manager

A simple file manager for browsing and editing files and directories.GPL-3.0-only

Simple Music Player

A clean music player with a customizable widget.GPL-3.0-only