Cryptocam - encrypting camera app

Take encrypted photos and video to protect sensitive information.GPL-3.0-or-later

Open Camera

Appli de caméraGPL-3.0-or-later


Application caméra de baseApache-2.0


FreeDCam is an open source camera app which try to enable stuff that is forgotteGPL-2.0-or-later

DNG Processor

Traiter les images DNG en JPEGLGPL-3.0-only

Gcam Services Provider (Basic)

fake only the absolute necessary Apis to use Gcam without Play ServicesMIT

OpenCamera Sensors

Synchronized recording of video and IMU data with advanced camera optionsGPL-3.0-or-later


An extremely lightweight launcher.GPL-3.0-only


Remplace des pixels avec du texteApache-2.0


Caméra avancéeGPL-2.0-or-later


Caméra qui simule la profondeur du champ à l’aide d’un réseau neuronalMIT

Libre Camera

Modern camera app to take pictures and record videosGPL-3.0-or-later

SSTV Encoder

Image encoder for Slow-Scan Television (SSTV) audio signalsApache-2.0

ObscuraCam: The Privacy Camera

Picture anonymity: Take pictures & blur identities with this privacy camera appGPL-3.0-or-later

Simple Camera

Quick photo and video camera with a flash, customizable aspect ratioGPL-3.0-only