Mise à jour pour les navigateurs respectueux de la vie privéeGPL-3.0-or-later

Fennec F-Droid

Naviguez sur le webMPL-2.0

IITC-CE Mobile

IITC-CE map for Ingress Prime gameISC

Alovoa Lite

Open-source online dating applicationApache-2.0

Hash It!

Utiliser des mots de passe fortsGPL-3.0-only


a note taking and to-do app with sync between Linux, macOS, Windows, and mobileMIT


Client FirefoxSyncApache-2.0


TrackerControl allows to monitor and control hidden data collection in apps.GPL-3.0-only


This application will help you remember all the birthdays of your friendsGPL-3.0-only

OSM Dashboard for OpenTracks

OpenStreetMap dashboard for OpenTracksApache-2.0

OSM Dashboard Offline for OpenTracks

Offline variant of the OpenStreetMap dashboard for OpenTracksApache-2.0

Easy Open Link

Ouvrez les URL via la fonction "Sélectionner et partager"GPL-3.0-only

LibreOffice Viewer

Visionneuse de documentsMPL-2.0

Screen Stream

Diffusion d'écran sur HTTPMIT


Exécuter simplement des distributions GNU/Linux sur Android — pas de root requisMIT

CENO Browser: Share the Web

Access any website, then share it peer-to-peer.MPL-2.0