Play Music Exporter

Export music from Play MusicMIT

Classical Music Scanner

Auxiliary program for the Unpopular Music Player and Opus 1 Music PlayerGPL-3.0-only


MPD (Music Player Daemon) clientApache-2.0

SAF Media Scanner

Auxiliary program for the "Unpopular Music Player" and "Opus 1 Music Player"GPL-3.0-only

Pulse Music

An offline music player app, with modern UI and powerful featuresGPL-3.0-only

Opus 1 Music Player

Feature enhanced sibling of the "Unpopular Music Player"GPL-3.0-only

Cover Fetcher

Vanilla Music player Cover Fetch pluginGPL-3.0-only

Vanilla Lyrics Search

Vanilla Music player Lyrics Search pluginGPL-3.0-only

Vanilla Tag Editor

Vanilla Music player Tag Editor pluginGPL-3.0-only

Vanilla Metadata Fetch

Vanilla Music player Metadata retrieval pluginGPL-3.0-only

Odyssey Music Player

Music player optimized for speed and simplicity? - Indeed.GPL-3.0-or-later

Learn Music Notes

Music sight reading training gameGPL-3.0-only


Musical instrumentGPL-3.0-only

Simple Music Player

A clean music player with a customizable widget.GPL-3.0-only


Basic musical instrumentApache-2.0


The Official MusicBrainz Android appGPL-3.0-or-later


Musical instrument tunerGPL-3.0-only


Native music player for JellyfinGPL-3.0-only

Musical Notes

train reading musical notesGPL-3.0-only

Metro - A music player for Android

Best material design music player for AndroidGPL-3.0-only