OCR (Tesseract)

Optical character recognition (OCR) functionality based on Tesseract via IntentsApache-2.0


OCR based on Tesseract 5Apache-2.0

OCR Test

Convert camera images to textApache-2.0

Text Fairy

An OCR AppApache-2.0


OCR reader for Spanish id cardsGPL-3.0-or-later

Character Recognition

Extract text from imagesAGPL-3.0-or-later


Japanese OCR DictionaryBSD-3-Clause

Seeneva: smart comic reader

Fully open source smart comic book reader with the ability to use OCR and TTS.GPL-3.0-or-later


Offline TranslatorGPL-2.0-or-later

WWWJDIC for Android

Japanese online dictionaryApache-2.0

SimplyTranslate Mobile

A privacy friendly frontend to Google TranslateGPL-3.0-or-later